Want to Dive Deep into Yoga Wisdom Beyond Postures?

…without having to travel to a retreat-based Yoga training or intensive

You’ve been practicing and perhaps even teaching Yoga for a while now, but it’s tough to find guidance and insight into the Yoga tradition that are authentic, yet still relate to your life today.


  • You know you want to incorporate more Yoga into your daily life off the mat
  • You want to expand your knowledge of Yoga philosophy so you can confidently weave gems of wisdom into your classes, coaching sessions or retreats
  • You want a textured understanding of Yoga history to help bring context to how you apply it to your modern life
  • ​Ultimately, you know there’s a vast storehouse of life-changing wisdom in the Vedas, Upanishads and Yoga Sutras that goes beyond feel-good slogans and memes
  • ​But it’s barely touched on in most Yoga classes, and you don’t know how to access it in a concise yet authentic way. You’ve got work and family commitments, and frankly, that 1000-page tome on your bedside table intimidates the hell out of you!


The best part?

You can grow your understanding the Yoga tradition, unpack the symbolism and poetry of ancient teachings and practice contemplation and meditation with a seasoned Yoga Wisdom teacher all from the comfort of your own home.

Imagine this...

  • Finally trading in the yogi-in-the-cave ethos knowing abundance, pleasure and engagement with life are considered central to full living in Vedic teachings
  • Feeling re-ignited by the awe-inspiring poetry of the Upanishads and the Gita
  • Meeting each day with a whole toolkit of practices you can use in the moment, on the bus, in a heated discussion, when you’re down or being hard on yourself
  • ​Manifesting the magic of the Sutras by cultivating the opposite next time you’re stuck in negative mind loops
  • ​Sharing all of this with passion and integrity in your Yoga classes or retreats

All without having to...

  • Travel to India or another retreat-based destination venue. Right now…We may get you there eventually…or again…but, hey, you’ve got family responsibilities right now, limited vacation days, and need other options.
  • Pay top dollar for face-to-face privileges with a mentor or teacher. You know they’re worth it, but it is not in your budget right now.
  • Waste time commuting. Remove the barriers of driving, parking, paying for a sitter, and any other hassles of committing to an outside class or college. While you’re at it, you can say bye-bye to feeling intimidated by length, academic texts.
Namaste! I’m Chétana Jessica Torrens
Long-time Akhanda Yoga Teacher Trainer and co-founder of The Akhanda Approach. 

I’ve been teaching Yoga Wisdom for twenty years and have helped thousands of Yogis/inis and Yoga teachers connect the dots between the eras of Yoga history and today’s modern-era practice.

Are you ready for a journey of self-discovery that will allow you to truly embody and speak to a practice beyond posture?


Here’s my offering to you...

“Many of our graduates have been waiting to be able to study with Chétana again. New Yoga Trainees read her writing and ask when she’s teaching. We now Skype her in to the YTT 300 to talk about Yoga history and Vedic wisdom.” 

– Yogrishi Vishvketu

Choose Your Own Adventure

A 50-hour online and self-paced journey through the eras and practices of Yoga.

This two-course package is thorough and comprehensive and delivered in a low-key, personable video + text format. 

The lessons are bite-sized and easy to follow yet packed with informative talks, reflections, quizzes and notes.

And if you’re willing to invest 50-hours of your time to get FULLY immersed in the history and philosophy of Yoga...we’ll have you feeling as good in your life as you do after final relaxation.  
What great courses! Very informative, thorough and experiential. I really enjoyed how Chétana offered an in-depth look at these ancient texts and seamlessly linked them to current practices of Yoga. I look forward to more of these courses!

–Kat Kamalika Mills, Yoga Teacher and Trainer, The Laurentians (Canada)

From Insight to Revelation: Vedic and Upanishadic Wisdom

Fully experience early teachings and practices from Vedic and Pre-classical period with Chétana as your guide.

On this journey you’ll..

  • Gain insight into the Veda’s Shamanic roots
  • Savour ecstatic poetry of the Upanishads
  • Connect with the most treasured verses of the Bhagavad Gita
  • ​Glimpse into the Yoga Upanishads of the Common Era

Enjoy also..

  • ​Contemplations
  • Readings
  • ​Meditations 
  • ​Mantra recitation and
  • ​Ceremony
You’ll come away with a strong understanding of how the Yoga tradition developed and have insight into this early wisdom that still resonates for many of us today.

The Wisdom and Practices of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

The Yoga Sutras provide one of the most holistic explorations of Yoga. Chétana unpacks these sparse aphorisms for you.

On this journey you’ll:

  • Explore every sutra of the Samadhi and Sadhana Pada
  • Understand Patanjali’s way of looking at the world and our place in it
  • Dive deep into the 8-fold path
  • ​Dip into the magical world of the two final Pada

Enjoy also..

  • Centring practices
  • Visualizations
  • Personal reflections
  • ​Glimpse into the Yoga Upanishads of the Common Era
  • ​Mantra and
  • ​Meditation
You’ll come away knowing how to balance effort and allowing in life, and keen to share details of this Yoga tapestry with anyone who’ll listen.
Each course contains:
  • 10 hours of recorded talks divided into manageable 20-30-minute lessons
  • An intimate personal talk that references Yoga texts and masters
  • ​Meaningful personal reflection questions
  • ​Meditations, mantras, contemplations and rituals that link Wisdom to your Yoga practice
  • A 100-page downloadable course book
  • Simple comprehension quizzes
  • ​A certificate that teachers can use as 25 continuing education hours

You’ll feel as if you’re in the room with Chétana as she guides inner contemplations and shares insights on the Yoga teachings.

" Brilliant! The Wisdom and Practice of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras is for every serious yoga practitioner and teacher alike. Chétana presents the Sutras in a clear, practical way. Her approach makes them just as accessible in modern times as they would have been in ancient times."
-Anandi, Yoga Teacher and Author of The Sleep Guru (United Kingdom)


From Revelation to Insight gathered me in right from the beginning, renewing and re-inspiring my study of the ageless wisdom teachings of the Vedas and Bhagavad Gita. For a new student this is a rich course ideal for learning the essence of these texts. For the practiced student/teacher, diving into deeper study, you are reignited and enriched with the depth of these teachings. You gain clear confidence to bring the key principles of them into your own class offerings. Chétana's masterful guidance throughout the course makes this online format of study supportive, clear and easy to follow. Her depth of knowledge shines during the personable online lectures and the practices of mantra, meditation and ritual.

–Catherine Nelson-Reid, Yoga Teacher and Trainer, Calgary (Canada)
Frequently Asked Questions
How long will it take to complete the course?
If you listen to just two 30-minute videos a week, you’ll be able to finish one course in under 3 months.

What if I take a break and need to review what I learned?
You’ll be able to watch the videos as many times as you like and read the lecture notes too. We’ve formatted the course notes into a book that you can download and print as well so you can continue to look through it and remember the journey we had together.

Am I getting value for money with this course?
Definitely! $397 USD for both courses is a steal for this amount of content we’ve managed to pack into these courses. Check out the syllabus for each course [here] and [here] and you’ll see what we mean. Chétana is an expert facilitator, and she is able to get students confidently integrating a lot of complex material in a short amount of time.

Expand Your Knowledge of Yoga Wisdom Today!

These Yoga Wisdom courses are perfect for you if:

  • You want to know more about Yoga Wisdom in a way that is more direct and engaging that reading a book
  • You want to know about Yoga Wisdom, but also to practice it experientially
  • You’re a Yoga or Wellness teacher and want to feel confident in sharing more gems of wisdom with your students


Join both courses before April 9th and SAVE $200! 

Spring is a time of new beginnings. You can tap into the momentum of the spring season by setting manageable goals and finding tools to help support them. Sign up for the Yoga Wisdom package and get reminders to help you stay on track with your desire to dive deep into Yoga Wisdom. Just register and watch two thirty minute videos a week and you'll be rocking!

Get access to both courses now for $397!

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    A Note From Chetana   

I’m so glad you’re considering joining me in this personal Yoga Wisdom experience!

In recent years, my life as a hands-on parent has meant that I’m not able to teach at residential Yoga Trainings as I once did. 

It makes me so happy to be teaching in this online format, and I hope that it gives you all the enrichment and satisfaction of a retreat in a way that works for your life and the people you cherish.

When I was recording these videos, I was imagining myself connecting to everyone who would watch them and share in this journey with me, and I felt just like I do when I sit in circle with a group.

Thank you for stepping into that circle.


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